Expert opinion

expert opinionTo find the reasons for construction faults and damages, to analyse and evaluate them and to give proposals to remove them - this is the work of an expert. I'm offering this service for mineral building materials.

An important requirement is to check the real situation by means of material tests and analysis on site or in laboratory. For this purpose I'm using very simple but effective test methods to analyse e.g. material destructive salts, moisture behavior (sorption, water saturation etc.), water content, water capillarity, layer structure and thickness, specific weight, porosity, concentration of aggregates, lime, cement and additives, strength etc. This is necessary to allow a fast and good value preparation.

My membership in several expert associations guarantees an interdisciplinary practical experience exchange. Together with experienced partner engineering firms it's possible for me to build greater service units and to cooperate with other experts and professionals to solve the problems of thermal efficiency, sound insulation, fire resistance and moisture behavior.

In March 2001 the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Reutlingen/Germany publicly appointed me to a certified expert for the specific field of Mineral Materials in Civil Engineering (mortars, plasters and renders, screeds, restoration materials).

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